My work is a meeting of choreographic and visual art practices. The work largely encompasses systematic processes found through desire. Working with choreographic sensibilities to compose movements, things & intentions, forming rhythmical moments and pathways. Folding, marking, translating what is already there. 

Making visible what is not always visible. Details detected by our senses that are often overlooked in an era of

over stimulation. Choreographic forms that invite curiosity, ask questions ‘did i see that?’ It is perhaps small

and quiet but insistent and powerful.

I work as a choreographer fascinated by the complexity of movement and the need I have to organise it.   Found or bought materials, objects and things have always naturally entered into my work and as collaborators I welcome their clarity and straight-forwardness. More recently my work has extended to an interest in physically shaping these objects myself, choosing their specifics in form, size and quality. Materials excite me and invite me to create. My work is largely process-orientated and for this reason I work to protect the space and time a process requires to unravel, become layered and detailed. I cultivate a slow-process-concept leaving room for reflection, drawing connections and theorising to understand, perhaps, a little more about the true content and weight of the work.



if a bee falls in(to) a box

petals on black tarmac-Affor-Dances of Thingspetals_on_black_tarmac-Affor-Dances_of_Things.html

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